We are a Brazilian company founded at the end of the 70s by Wilson Venturini, who started alone making crystal and other quartz pieces. The marketing in the beginning, was made only in Brazil, but always aimed at North American and European customers.

Until the mid-1990s, we were encouraged by our customers to expand our market beyond Brazilian borders, when we started our international market, exporting our parts to the whole world.

Working as a family, Wilson Venturini currently has as partners his sons Raphael Venturini and Victor Venturini passing on the love of crystals from generation to generation.

A craft that made it known worldwide through its art works, which today are in the hands of the greatest collectors of art and minerals and can also be contemplated in places like museums, casinos, art galleries, religious temples, highlighting the largest obelisk of already built crystal, located at the Bellagio Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

We work in the mineral sector, crystals spit in various forms, producing pieces of art and all kinds of quartz decoration.